Project Managers

As a RAKE Project Manager, your responsibilities are relatively minimal, yet invaluable to the success of the event. The following is a check-list of the activity involved in your commitment as a RAKE Project Manager.

  • Commit to becoming a Project Manager
  • Provide contact information including email, phone, and address (Will remain confidential to RAKE five –person member committee only).
  • From a pre-determined list of available projects, choose the project that you would like to spearhead (A list of projects will be available to you immediately upon commitment, or you may go to and select your project online. But remember, the sooner you select your project, the more likely you’ll get your first choice!)
  • Recruit up to 20 colleagues, friends, family, neighbors and anyone else you think might be interested in participating in this collaborative community event. Encourage them to register online. If your group exceeds 20 participants, we can add extra spaces to your particular project to accommodate your entire group. If you are unable to recruit 20 participants, other individuals may register to join your group as well.
  • Regularly review the RAKE website “Project Managers” tab for updates.
  • On October 5 at 9:00 am, arrive at Anew Day, 117 New Mohawk Rd. Nevada City, CA 30-60 minutes prior to your project start time to retrieve your Project Manager ‘Kit’.
  • Meet your group of participants at the designated project location (maps provided for all participants online).
  • Explain the route of your project and any instructions pertaining to the parameters of the project, hand out gloves, vests, garbage bags, etc, offer donuts and water bottles (All items provided in your Project Manager Kit), and remind everyone to keep hydrated!
  • Take photos of participants as they work and be sure to take a group photo.
  • Upon completion of the project, remind participants of the after-event appreciation BBQ talking place at Anew Day, collect all gloves, vests, and additional supplies and equipment provided at start of project, and reiterate our gratitude for their participation.
  • Bring all garbage bags and debris back to Anew Day and drop off next to the garbage dumpster located near the entrance of the underground parking.
  • Return Project manager kits to Anew Day.
  • Enjoy the rest of your day!